My name is Roseanna, I am the writer of Hillview Road.

I was born in the autumn of 1975, in London England. I studied acting for some years before relocating to Norway in northern Europe.

It was in this extreme but beautiful country that I became the mother of two daughters. I have always been thoughtful maybe even concerned about the health of human kind, in particular the mental or spiritual sides of our nature. This interest led me to embark upon an education in homeopathy, a gentle remedy based medicine which aims at guiding us back to our inner selves… thus hopefully finding a cure for us.

I am at present studying to be a Gestalt coach, and will be fully qualified in the summer of 2016.

Sometimes our reflections or thoughts serve us and others better if we share them with a little help from the written word.

The header above is an aspect from the Purbeck Hills in Dorset, England. The name Hillview Road, homage to my paternal grandmother – a poet, painter and grafter who             lived in the first house on the street.

Welcome to Hillview Road


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