The Paradox of Christmas

“Ding dong merrily on high”?…  yep we christmas puppets are definitely on a high… again!

littlematchgirlChristmas seems to bring out the very best in people, and the absolute worst. We become the very epitome of charitable arch angels digging deep into our  feather filled jackets for loose change, simultaneously becoming the devil incarnate when we lose our merry christmas rag in the shopping centre car park.

In other words, something about this farcical spectacle commonly known as christmas, turns us all into a bunch of senseless gnomes that would never in a million years qualify for an apprenticeship in Santa´s prestigious workshop. Emotions are high, as the holiday season is so intrinsically linked to our fragile childhood memories of mum and dad… then mum then dad, those melancholic church hymns, a tangerine or two, and lest not forget a sack full of plastic. I´m pretty sure that when I was I child, as soon as December struck, I stopped praying to Jesus and pledged my loyalties to that pagan god called Santa… or did I just mix the two up?

Don´t get me wrong, I´m not bitter or ungrateful. It´s just that the view from my philosophical armchair observing my fellow humans concerning themselves with christmas loneliness, charity, poverty and at the same time concocting christmas wish lists that look like something a weary Santa might find on the desktop of the Sultan of Brunei, causes my eyebrows to

Is it possible that our overambitious, glutenous christmas expectations also bring forth a guilty conscience that only kicks in once a year? Why don´t we the hell care about the cold and the lonely in January? Maybe we do? But since we´re all so impoverished after our xmas spending orgy those old folks are gonna have to wait till next christmas for a cuddle and a sherry.

Listen to this humble word of advice, coming to you from my cynical little armchair in the midst of this season of extremes: Take one step back from the table of excess and simply chill. Remember this cosy little festival of hysteria in reality only lasts ONE DAY, so do your soul a favor and don´t leave it feeling as empty as your bank balance.


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Gestalt student, Pilates teacher.
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