Child on Planet School

Counting down the days to their first day of school, is for many tender souls either an exhilarating preparation before blastoff, or a nerve-racking, second counting nail bite, before mental freedom is swallowed up by atmospheric pressure.

If for a second you think about it, there really is no other interface, aside from the home, where the species Child and Grown up are so inextricably bound.

The day finally arrives where they land onto planet school, as if spat out the end of a Willy Wonka candy stripe shoot, braced for an involuntary indoctrination into institutional life. The indoctrinators it seems, despite many a good intention, have erased the memory that they once where children too. The initial school years appear acceptant and mild, individuality is seen as an asset to the class, and Child´s freedom of expression although monitored, openly encouraged. However, after a while Child needs to fit in. Gradually and as scentless as carbon monoxide, the behavioral modifiers advance. Tiptoeing into the creative and free mind of Child, school clamps down. Parent may not have noticed, we are too busy focusing on what politically correct actually means. Whilst our backs were turned planet school decided that all children have the bullying gene, and hereby assigned friends to them.

To create a bully, you need to germinate seeds in an atmosphere that encourages an ethos called different is wrong. Remember, Child is slowly learning from Teacher, that their own differences are wrong, so how on planet school are they supposed to allow differences in any of their peers? It is even possible that Child´s prejudices arrived lightyears before the input from planet school. Did well intentioned Parent get there first?

After many years of listening to schools surreptitious propaganda, where different is wrong, older child is becoming immune and possibly developing free thought.

Is it non-legitimate to raise the notion that Teacher is now under the threat of payback, and that they themselves become the bullied?

It is my firm belief that the relationship between child, parent and teacher should be built here on earth, on principles of mutual humanitarian respect. This respect starts between parent and child, dominoes onto parent and teacher, from teacher to child, and finally from child to parent and teacher. Maybe if we employ these values, the bizzare threat of difference will eventually subside and disperse in its ridiculousness somewhere in outer-space.


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Gestalt student, Pilates teacher.
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