Outside the Box: What happens if we go in?

Most of you reading this post will identify with the feeling of, not only thinking, but where and however possible living outside the box. Personally I cannot claim to have made any brave steps over the boxes threshold, and there was never any dramatic exodus over the borderline. To come to the point, some of us are simply born on its outside walls.

As life goes through its various stages, those organically displaced of us probably encounter a kind of disapproving curiosity. Its may not be uncommon or surprising to experience comments such as, “you´re so weird” or a little more discriminatory angled superlatives such as “flakey”, “oddball”, “precious” or maybe even the seriously overused noun “freak”. These random observations from inner box dwellers can after a while take their toll on the freethinking outer inhabitants.

The life of a lateral thinker is not an easy one, and if they haven´t completely grown into their lateral boots, they may even believe the unfounded hype. What happens next?

They take themselves on an inaccurately motivated mission into the box. The problem with this is that however curious they may be about the inner box culture, they will not be able to survive inside the inner box air. And this goes without saying both ways.

The crux of my message is, that it really is ok not to follow a herd. Take root in your individuality, trust that you won´t  become a lonely, out of touch old soul. On the contrary, your courage will reap you plenty of free thinking comrades. Thus, If you do try to take up residence inside of the box, you might really run the risk of  becoming a faker. The law of the universe actually needs both in- boxers and out- boxers to create a type of plus minus harmony. Steer your creativity in a way that is right for you, no compremising, and on no account should you ask permission to be on the outside.


About hillviewroad

Gestalt student, Pilates teacher.
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