Wether we are parental figures now, or plan to be, it goes without saying that the safety of our children will always be paramount. When our children are small we effortlessly follow, comfort and sleep close by them,  our very presence functions as a kind of on tap surveillance nurturing system. We give our bond of motherly love unconditionally to our children. It is us that protect them, that´s natural law.

However, as time goes by we no longer share our lives with children, but small adults. These post children are eager to experience the world, just as we did, exploring the energy of the street, their absolute birthright.

So how can we continue practicing our parental protection scheme? The simple answer is: We cannot. Time to face up to the fact that the days of cotton security blankets and floppy bunny rabbits are nothing but soft, sweet memories.

But what, if anything, can we offer now? We must evolve, developing new skills to match the increasing curiosity of our once children. In other words let them live their lives, whilst we assume the role of invisible passenger in that unpredictable teenage chariot. Hence, maybe our most important task at this point is to trust the mothering we have already given. Also, if we are to ensure the safety of our daughters, we must be mothers to our sons. It is unrealistic to suggest that motherly love may enhance a more balanced and harmonious masculinity, promoting the role of protector, rather than aggressor?

Obviously there are no single guarantees for the ultimate personality results of our children, but it is clear that if we are to steer our children away from the threat of violence outside of the home, we must nurture the seed of non-violence within it.


About hillviewroad

Gestalt student, Pilates teacher.
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