Cinderellas cracking up!

The Cinderella-syndrome: Who´s responsible?

Hello everyone, Cinderella here!

Ooops, just in the middle of finishing my skinny broccoli smoothie, trying out my new diamond encrusted Jimmy Choo´s, planting my perfect organic vegetable garden, practicing my new sadomasochistic sex moves (which I learnt btw, whilst studying on VIP beach in the Maldives) I also don´t forget to spend time with the children, I LOVE making gluten free brownies, even though I don´t eat them myself with my amazing cry-free babies. By the way, I worked off my baby fat two days after giving birth. I am sooo content, and I should add that I never get angry, even when my blood sugar´s dangerously low.  I love sharing with my honeybuns out there, and maybe you will be inspired to copy my life exactly! … Ciao!!

Ok, back in the room, somewhat dazed and confused. Firstly, I must be a bit naive. I was under the optimistic impression that the bikini fashion for summer 2012 was “healthy and strong”? It seems I was mistaken and that actually “skinny and strong” was the correct look. Judging by the the pic of the pack of holiday shots we´re privy to, the latter seems to have caught on… again.

But who decided this, and, who bought it? Additionally, how much of the responsibility lies with the receiver of the information, versus the promotor? Should the media or other messenger consider its audience before advocating perfection? Or does the audience need to learn how to filter healthy information from the waste? Do we know the difference? Are these two roles somehow just victims of the same Cinderella-syndrome?

In my eyes, they most definitely are. The informant wishes to present an image of perfection to the outside world, as does the recipient, thus lapping it up. They find each other like moths seeking the golden flame, only the flame of perfection burns unfortunately quickly out when reality sets in.

Anorexia, depression, and anxiety, as well as a combination of the three, are on the increase in our sophisticated Western civilization. These are the facts. What do they tell us?

Is the struggle for the ultimate, but ultimately unobtainable perfection, responsible for Cinderella cracking up? Syndromes caused by the quest for perfection can take years to appear, they can even hide themselves behind other interests. However, make no mistake, sooner or later the cracks will appear, unless we make sure we address our own personal health realistically, and take responsibility for it. 


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Gestalt student, Pilates teacher.
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