Squaring the Circle: Balancing Heaven and Earth

My studies in homeopathy often lead me towards a convergence into the lives of others. This means that I am fortunate enough to hear from time to time eye opening, courageous experiences from the lives of my friends and acquaintances. 

One of the themes that seem to be recurring, is that of gifted people taking life by the horns, ready to introduce passionate and meaningful aspects into their existence, only to get blasted back to square one by sneaky unknown fears, otherwise known as anxiety.

Anxiety, as well as being disabling, can also make the affected person feel as though it is unique to them. Well, let me enlighten you: We all have times in our lives where we are more or less prone to the condition. Overwhelming stress, trauma, low self-esteem, how our brain processes sensory information, even our gene pool leaves us at times vulnerable to spells, or more serious attacks of anxiety. The possible explanations of where the anxiety originated are endless, but in my opinion not always so important. Rather, what in all the world is it trying to tell us? Do we recognize its pattern? Is it possible there may be a voice behind the electrically charged barb wire fence giving us valuable information? 

The squaring of the circle was an ancient geometric spiritual puzzle designed to give enlightenment. As we all are aware, a very definite part of us, that which we cannot see, is our soul. I like to think of heaven being not only above us, but represented in us by our soul. The alchemists often used a circle to symbolize heaven. Earth on the hand, was symbolized by a square.

Squaring the circle can also be seen as obtaining mental and worldly balance – our feet need to be firmly planted on the earth if we are to integrate all sides of the wholeness which is us. We need to be able to look upwards, outwards, inwards and down, and connect with ourselves in all four corners.

As humans it is safe to acknowledge our destructive sides, but I believe that those are not the sides we fear. It is our light that frightens us most. As our light tries to drag us out of negative or de-energized darkness, our comfort zone, we might resist. And in resisting our light we bring about the physiological symptoms of anxiety.

The merging of our four corners can take time. Just allow them to slowly unfold like water flowers. Empowerment often brings challenges, it´s part of the game of life. If we understand more about anxiety, we may see that it´s not hanging around to threaten us, but to ensure that we safely make it out into the light.*

* Note: If we feel overwhelmed by anxiety and cannot cope alone, always take the time to seek professional help.


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Gestalt student, Pilates teacher.
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