Chasing waterfalls. The menopause: A part of lifes stream

I had been meaning  to write a little piece about the menopause for some time, but life (being its usual swirling self) took me first in several other directions. However I was gently reminded about my intentions by a sweet lady who felt herself approaching the menopause, and was looking for unconventional answers.

Before I try to say anything about the mechanics of the menopause, I will attempt to convey my thoughts on how I myself may choose to look at it when I land on that midlife lilypad.

One of the traditional opinions connected with the menopause is that this chapter in our female history ain´t gonna be easy, so hold on tight ladies, we´re in for a bumpy and sorrowful ride! This angst-ridden prelude doesn´t help our acceptance process. Take that hostile expression “anti age” as an example. “Anti” is a prefix meaning against – followed by “age”. It´s no surprise that even the least vain of us feel almost ashamed by the thought of an impending birthday! What I´m attempting to illustrate is that even before our physiological symptoms debut, we have been corrupted by an anti campaign that even the most robust spirituality struggles to survive.

In some respects one could say that we enter into the menopause in a state of grief rather than appreciation or grace. Are we not proud of our femininity thus far? What if we took the stance “How can I flower best now”, instead?

What will nurture my strong and passionate female stem sufficiently in this new phase?

Or the attitude “I am well rooted and look forward to greater peace of mind and endless fields full of wisdom”.

I am neither pro nor anti-age. As with everything in nature I simply age.

This is how I would try to serve and prepare my body for menopause.

So with your mind and spirit on the right track, here comes a little practical advice for those experiencing mechanical discomfort.

Once in the menopause, the body tries to organize its feminine hormones. There may be rising levels of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) as the body tries to stimulate ovulation, which may cause anxiety or even heart palpitations. Estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency also plays a part in menopausal discomfort. After ovulation, progesterone rises to help prepare the uterus for potential pregnancy. The progesterone has a calming effect and helps in the metabolism of estrogen. But seeing as we have cycles that won´t ovulate, the progesterone levels stay low, leading to estrogen dominance.

As with our spirits, it is equally important that our hormonal picture is bought into balance. All manner of menopausal complaints  can be aided by various homeopathic remedies, diet and stress relief.

Treating a woman pre, peri or post menopause should be tailor made to suit exactly her health requirements, and these will obviously vary. However here comes a little broad and basic health advice.

1. Omit sugar from your diet. This may be difficult, but it is now super simple to find healthy substitutes if you need them

2. Eat healthily, but do not diet or skip meals. Include greens (chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass etc) into your daily diet. Eat plenty of veg, especially the green variety. Berries are a good alternative to sugary fruit, and contain health maintaining anti-oxidanter. Enjoy proteins that your system accepts.

3. A naturopath will help you combine your daily fatty acids, (omega 3-6-9) or research this yourself. Never skip on these particular health miracles, as they are wonderful for promoting peace of mind and beautiful radiant skin, and we do not produce them ourselves.

4. Drink water, sometimes hot, for internal cleansing of toxins, and believe it or not inner calmness.

5. Be mindful. Observe and be aware of yourself, uncritically. Give yourself and others credit. Watch your thoughts, steer clear of defeatist or negative spiraling thought.

6. If you have a potentially stressful job or life, sleep enough. Do little things you like, don´t be too ambitious, turn down the “demandometer” and explain gently your feelings to those who may demand to much from you, before you loose your mindfulness.

Homeopathic remedies are tailor-made, and should be prescribed from your homeopath,  it is however possible to find good remedies that may be a bit more generalized.

The most important thing is that we do not allow ourselves to feel un-beautiful or lacking during a process that can in reality take several years!! Don´t try to get trough everything alone. Seek assistance from Homeopaths, Naturopaths (diet) qualified holistic healers or good friends… not forgetting to invite your Inner Being to the party.


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  1. fiona says:

    din forståelse er så vakkert formulert. takk rose ❤

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