Can anyone heal you?

As a keen observer and participant in the world of alternative medicine, I find myself either asking or being asked about the authenticity of faith healing. (By faith healing, I mean healing by spiritual means)

In times gone by, when medical science was less evolved, and where more primitive craftsmanship resulted in a physicians heavy reliance on religious faith, expressions such as, “it was their faith that cured them” were to be found in frequent circulation. Such statements indicated that the medic clearly had no other explanation as to how their patient had otherwise recovered. Indeed a complete recovery could then be attributed to the devout faith, and no doubt a healthy moral code that was exercised by the patient!

At the beginning of the nineteenth century the explosion of the “New thought” genre, launched its ethos, challenging traditional church based faith. The fundaments of these  free thinking spiritual theories highlighted positive thinking, and our individual role in securing ourselves good health. The new thinkers movement placed a spanner firmly in the works of the holy anointed healing brigade, whom if it wasn´t for the love of antique doctrines may have found themselves whisked off on a team building trip, sponsored by the labour exchange. So after a while there was a generation of wannabe healers sprouting up in the window boxes of potential wellbeing, in actual fact a whole influx of them. Most of us are also fully aware there are even courses offered in which you can learn the art of healing. Now maybe I´m alone in this, but I admit, my ordinarily pliable brain has “errored”.

The fact of the matter is that I don´t see any division between a so-called qualified healer and myself, or my neighbour, or the friendly lady that works in the supermarket. (The question I raise doesn`t mean that I do not recognize the efforts of  healers, who extend their gifts in spesific fields to promote greater well being!)

Are we not all creators? That, when we remember to, allow goodness to run through us, in the same way that we allow water to quench our thirst. Can we only be of healing assistance post authorized healer exam? In my eyes, the inherent effectiveness of healing, lies in the intention or desire to endevour to heal oneself or another.

I have encountered so many “unqualified” untitled healers in my time, who shared their gifts, without even taking their healing hands out of their pockets. Lucky me!


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Gestalt student, Pilates teacher.
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