Suggestions for respecting fellow humans

I like the word commandment about as much as I appreciate dogma. In plain English: NOT.  However it must be said to be true that most of us are living by some moral code even if its one we never acknowledge.

Our earthly home is covered by living things, plant, animal, human (maybe others, of which I have never encountered). For that reason we need to take on board moral diversity, but as long as these coded fundaments are meeting in the space called respect for all life, we have pretty much free range. Lest it be said that those of us who choose to offer their written word publicly, perhaps would do well to remember that whether theirs is a message of a dietary nature, fashion, life-philosophy, or even medical, it is vital to take on board that these offerings can only ever be suggestions.

In other words, our moral codes are as unique and personal as the very thoughts we think.


About hillviewroad

Gestalt student, Pilates teacher.
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