Goodnight stars…

When evening settles and the sky soulfully blackens, I often find myself gazing into the galaxies wishing I had more time to study them. Astronomy has long been a fascinating hobby of mine, and horoscopes equally so, but as with any hardened amateur I don´t expect to be brushing historical shoulders with the likes of Galileo Galilei or Caroline Herschel anytime soon. Still, a satisfying study of the planetary system for dummies must be within our reach.

Naturally the positioning of the stars will vary slightly, the planisphere shifts depending on our latitude. So for us northern settlers this means that some of the constellations will appear slightly higher in the sky, as will southerners lean automatically closer to the southern horizon. A sky chart can be of great help to an untrained eye, and, let it be said, educational in itself. But for those celestial nerds out there, I expect you´ll uncover the North Star, the Big Dipper maybe even Venus, assisted only by the naked eye in no time.

On a purely holistic note, it could also be said that an evening spent gazing into space may  produce a nights slumber so pure, you might wake up to find your pillow enveloped by   stardust!


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Gestalt student, Pilates teacher.
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2 Responses to Goodnight stars…

  1. Jørgen says:

    Please don’t confuse astronomy with astrology… stellar knowledge has nothing to do with superstition…

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