Have faith in flowers

After the sun finally set on our (hopefully) peaceful easter breaks, we return to that exciting but challenging treadmill, commercially known as everyday life. 

After surrendering to that welcome break, we may now find ourselves with a sensation of being hauled overboard from serenity´s ship onto an ocean of challenges. We all know that this is a standard transition, and that without a certain measure of contrast, we would more than likely discover ourselves yawning all the way into tomorrow.

However, did you know that it is possible to soften this brittle crossover?  We can, with a little assistance from those earthly stars, the flowers. This in no way means that we will suddenly require transportation to work on a feathery blanket, legs firmly crossed in the lotus position, rather that the flower remedies can offer us an underlying support in all of our daily endeavors.  There are thirty-eight different flower remedies which can also with total assurance safely be given to children. Administered internally or externally they naturally help us by evening out imbalances specific to us.

The remedies are created by infusing the flower essences together with natural spring water, and can be used by twinning several remedies together, or singling out one solo flower that will harmonize with our mental and physical mechanics best.

Remember to always read the dosage instructions printed on the bottle


About hillviewroad

Gestalt student, Pilates teacher.
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