Can addiction antidote our apocalypse?


At one time or another, in our perpetually flowing existences we may find ourselves unintentionally floating in one of  life´s emotional backwaters.

Aquatic novices, unable to see a shoreline, or perhaps we were not even looking for one. Bobbing around in an eternal limbo, unable to muster even the slightest current because we erased the intention to evoke one. The metaphoric interpretation of addiction can perhaps explain some of how habitual behavior surreptitiously blindfolds our insight into ourselves.

Addiction can be defined in many ways all from the mediocre edible kind to the more serious pathological variety, in this case the addiction is not only potentially harmful to the sufferer but may cause them to drag other loving inhabitants of life´s stream carelessly along with them. We are all creators in our universe, but in my opinion those with a propensity to additive behavior, all the more so, thus struggling to evolve at the same pace as their gifts. If we couldn´t unravel our unique mission as a child, it will more than likely politely continue knocking on your door until you answer it. In the case of the potential addict they may experience extreme clarity around their mission, but the sheer size of the assignment paradoxically causes angst.

So with light feet we can start to paddle, an addict or ex- addict may do well to pull away the layers gently. Gradually becoming aware they can reach the shoreline, and as it is revealed the light will be so bright they won´t even remember how they pulled themselves out.


About hillviewroad

Gestalt student, Pilates teacher.
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