That heart´ing thing

Lately, I have experienced a small thought invasion, which has my sub-thoughts circling around the “I heart it” phenomenon. Let´s face it, heart it or hate it, heart´ing appears, for the time being, here to stay!

Strangely amidst this deluge of hearts, I have seldom witnessed anyone stamping this little cutie on themselves.

In the western world the ❤ symbol is clearly used to signify the pinnacle of all emotions (i.e that which is greater than a humble “Like”) the human L O V E experience.

Amongst earlier non-western cultures it has also been used to symbolize additionally wholesome traits such as joy, charity or compassion. And to some extent in years gone by has even been so bold as to represent a correlation between heart and mind.

At any rate, it´s probably safe to assume that our strongest affinity with the heart is not that of a simple mechanical pump, but a retina-etched way of expressing romantic love.

To me, human love relationships are a perplexing thing, and they can clearly present themselves in multiple formats. I read an interesting article the other day on contented couples in open relationships, or so-called polyamorous individuals. So with my non- judgmental metaphoric bifocals firmly in place I scrolled through. Now I don´t doubt that the “couples” featured felt that they were good examples of people living alternative lifestyles and daily heart´ing themselves. However, I couldn´t help the emerging feeling that several (not all) of the poly persons were settling for, or to be fair, subconsciously signing their loves life´s away, on contracts built on compromise. Sure, there was plenty of compersion present (compersion = the desire to see ones partner happy), but coupled unfortunately with a naively concealed total absence of heart´ting themselves.

Yup, the truth is obviously the same for a portion of those monogamists out there, who allow habit, rationale, practicality or maybe even religious faith to govern their unions. In my opinion, the spaces where those self delegated hearts ought to be pinned, lie at the heartbreaking root of the issue. In the moment we understand how vital it is to “heart” ourselves, then, and only then, can we make ourselves available to external love.


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Gestalt student, Pilates teacher.
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