Heal fast with a good laugh!

The wealth of health benefits attributed to good humor or “havin´ a laugh” are no secret. We have all heard about so-called laughter therapy, somewhat contrived perhaps, for those of us who prefer more arid giggles. But Judgement aside, however we like to activate our funny bone, physiologically speaking if we put on our jackass T-shirt for a second we are on to a heck of a good thing! 

Time for a little explanation. Good old O2, on which we are so dependent is literally lavished upon us when we laugh, providing us with mental clarity and tension release, and assisting lymph fluid in spring cleaning our blood and organs, thus sky-rocketing our immune function. In other words a spoonful of your favourite comic could do more for you than the most hardcore oxygen bar. As if that wasn´t enough, if we laugh hard enough often enough we could also save ourselves some money at the gym. Remember the old expression, “laughed so much it hurt”? Blame this mischievous side effect on the circulation increase, and abdominal “pump” sequence in our hilarious workout!

Possibly I should insert a disclaimer here. I am certainly not advocating burying or swallowing painful experience with a non-convincing “I love smiling, smiling´s my favorite” doctrine. Consider this a genuine suggestion for allowing ourselves honest good health. Just for a second, try and compare that aprés-cry feeling to the aprés laugh. In my experience, although crying settles some emotional unrest, we more often than not both feel and look shit afterwards. And feeling very sorry for ourselves, although sweet, don´t take us very far at life´s unpredictable junctions.

As with anything, take things one day at a time, and whatever you do don´t beat up on yourself cos ya had a good blub!      Image


About hillviewroad

Gestalt student, Pilates teacher.
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