An interpretation of the soul

Soul. A commonly used highly descriptive noun synonymous with a spiritual nature.

Depending on our social circles and/or natures, we may have even been attributed as being a soulful person. But how do we make sense of this elusive word? How can we remember our own, and how can this veiled, but none the less accessible compliment to beings best serve us? The modern English word soul, is derived from the old English sawol, which in itself is probably a translation from the greek psyche (meaning spirit or consciousness).

Essentially it dosn´t actually matter what superlative, name or quality we endow, the message it carries for us is the same. In my experience our soul (although always with us) has a tendency not to respond to arbitrary emotional SOS´s. Calling all stations will only scrabble your receivers. When our internal dialogue with our inter-selves ceases for a longer moment, it is at approximately this level where our souls answer us.

Some of us may like to use other words for the same voice, which I believe all living things have access to. They include Higher Self, Inner Being, Source or even God.

The soul is a fundamental part of us. An ordinary stream of wellness, nothing fancy, ethereal or exalted. In my opinion the only mystery we might try to unravel, is why we forget to use our inner compass on the grounds that it is unseen. I´d agree with the latter, but may I be so radical as to suggest redefining the notion that our souls are mute.


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Gestalt student, Pilates teacher.
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